G.R.P. Roofing

We understand that over the years flat roofs have become notorious for leaks, costing you money in repairs. However Environmental Roofing Ltd provide fibreglass GRP roofing installation. Fibreglass GRP will prevent leaks if applied correctly due to its strong and durable nature. A fibreglass GRP roof will last over 50 years when installed by an experienced roofer.

G.R.P stands for glass reinforced polyester, which is a material formed by strengthening plastic and fine fibres made of glass, it has a layer of catalysed resin with a fire retardant topcoat resin on top which makes it waterproof and gives it a beautiful finish.   All of our tradesmen are experienced with fibreglass flat roofing for domestic and commercial properties and from properties small to large. We only use the best waterproofing systems available, for a safe and long lasting roof.       

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